Please go ahead and fill out all your document(s), sign and initial everything in advance!  You do not need to sign in front of the notary – you simply need to appear before the notary and say, “That’s my signature.”  Please have your CURRENT government issued photo identification – drivers license, passport, green card, or military ID.  If your identification has expired, we CAN NOT accept it. If you don’t have valid identification, you must appear before the notary with TWO people who know you well, and those two people must provide identification to the notary, sign the notary book, and swear that you are who you say you are (and you will be charged extra).

All-Purpose Acknowledgement form
California Secretary of State Jurat form
Issuance of a Passport to a Minor Under Age 18  

Affidavit of Parental Consent – for Travel Outside The United States Of A Minor Child – you just need the one page of this 4 page document.  Use a separate page for each child that will be leaving the country.

POWER OF ATTORNEY FORMS:  You may use my Power of Attorney forms at your own risk.  I don’t promise that my forms will be accepted by your Bank, your title company, or anyone else. I know for a fact that Bank of America, Chase, and probably your money management account will not accept a general power of attorney. It’s best to show the blank form to the entity that requires the Power of Attorney and ask, “Does this form fulfill your requirements?”  The institution may have their own form they want you to use (especially if it’s a real estate transaction or a bank).  There are as many different Power of Attorney forms as there are attorneys in California, and some of them are very poorly written.

I have these two documents on my computer and can email them to you upon request:
General Durable Power of Attorney with Line Item Approvals – 4 pages
Special or Limited Power of Attorney – 1 page form (this might be used to sell a car, or sell or buy property on behalf of the signer, or perform a single limited act, like getting property from impound)

California has a special Medical Power of Attorney that’s called an Advanced Health Care Directive

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